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  Jones Girls

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The Jones Girls were from Detroit but found fame as part of the latter day Philadelphia International soul empire.  Valorie, Shirley and Brenda Jones came to Philly International after a brief time on Curtom, where they recorded without much success; some of their early cuts would be issued after they achieved stardom. 

Signing to the label in 1979, they hit paydirt immediately with "You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else." The single reached the top 5, but the flip side, "Who Can I Run To," became an underground classic, covered by Xscape in 1995.   Their songs were often written by the label's top writing teams, either Gamble and Huff or Cynthia Biggs and Dexter Wansel, which gave their records a sophisticated touch that endeared them to modern soul enthusiasts.

"Dance Turned Into A Romance" and "I Just Love the Man" were both top 20 singles from the second LP, At Peace With Woman. Their final studio session, Get As Much Love As You Can, featured their most popular song, "Nights Over Egypt."  A shimmering, truly deep groove, the song has been rifled for samples as well as covered by Incognito. 

The group left Philadelphia International for RCA in 1983.  They did not have a lot of success there, and Philadelphia International made things worse when they issued Keep It Comin', a collection of unreleased material produced by Keni Burke.   Shirley Jones returned to Philadelphia International when she started her solo career.  "Do You Get Enough Love," written by Philly stalwart Bunny Sigler, was a #1 hit from Always In The Mood.

Valerie Jones died on December 2, 2001 in Detroit.

Jones Girls' Deepest Grooves

Jones Girls (Philadelphia International, 1979)

At Peace With Woman (Philadelphia International, 1980)

Get As Much Love As You Can (Philadelphia Internationa1, 1981)

On Target (RCA, 1983)

Keep It Comin' (Philadelphia International, 1984)

Always In the Mood - Shirley Jones (Philadelphia International, 1986)

Best Of (Capitol, 2000)

Keeping Up With the Jones Girls (Sequel, 2000)
Pre-Philly material that dates back to the 60s, with some of the songs they recorded for Curtom also.

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