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  Jimmy Bo Horne



A vocalist from south Florida, Jimmy Bo Horne rode some dynamic KC and the Sunshine Band tracks to disco success in the late 70s. Prior to recording smashes such as "Let's Dance Across the Floor" and "Spank," Horne was an active member of the Miami recording scene, signing with TK Records in 1967.  His first singles were traditional soul efforts produced by the songwriting team of Willie Clark and Clarence "Blowfly" Reid, but nothing made much of a national impact.  In 1975, Horne found new partners in Harry Wayne "KC" Casey and Richard Finch, who were just starting to become recognized for the "Miami sound" of George McCrae and KC and the Sunshine Band.  

The new pairing hit immediately with "Gimme Some" in mid-1975, establishing Horne's public identity as a disco artist, a categorization that he viewed as insulting to his soul roots. He enjoyed his greatest popularity in 1978-79, when his hits disproved the idea that KC's sound was beginning to lose its appeal. Horne recorded with TK until 1980, when he began focusing on tour dates. His last album was released in 1995, but he continues to record new material while awaiting the right deal.

Jimmy Bo Horne's Deepest Grooves

Dance Across The Floor (Sunshine Sound, 1978)

Goin' Home For Love (Sunshine Sound, 1979)

The Best of Jimmy Bo Horne (Sunshine Sound, 1980)

Bo Horne '91 (New Music, 1991)
When Horne realized that his hits were being remixed for the club scene without his input (or proper compensation), he decided to revisit his catalog.  This Italian release consists of new versions of "Spank," "Is It In," and "Dance Across the Floor," plus a cover of "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay." 

Gonna Be Your Lover (Rhythm Drive, 1995)

Gimme Some! The Best of the TK Years (West Side, 1998)

The Greatest Hit Remixes (Hot, 1998)

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