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  Jersey Street

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Nobody But My Lord

Up and coming group Jersey Street is comprised of singer Dawn Zee, keyboardist Matt Steele, and writer/producer Neil Reed.  They are well-respected for bringing a higher sense of musicality to house music than is the norm, and also for their meaningful lyrics.   That Jersey Street would be a cut above the competition isn't surprising, considering their backgrounds include soul, jazz/funk and latin music in addition to dance material. 

Formed in 1997, their first single was "Nobody But My Lord," which received a cracking remix from Cricco Castelli, helping ensure its success.  They signed to the venerable Glasgow Underground and the label developed the band as one of its first album acts.  Encouraged to indulge the full spectrum of their influences, the debut LP Step Into the Light won heavy praise from critics and music lovers alike for being a well-rounded effort with discernable traces of jazz and African music in the grooves.  The many singles pulled from the LP cemented their club base and were remixed by the likes of Larry Heard and Weekender.  Late 2001 saw the release of the lead single from their highly anticipated follow-up disc.

Jersey Street's Deepest Grooves

"Nobody But My Lord" (Junior Boys Own, 1998)

Step Into the Light (Glasgow Underground, 2000)
One of the year's best albums, includes the singles "How Could I Be Loved," "Cried Me A River," "Vaya A Vir," and "Step Into the Light."  Proof of how dance music can be enhanced by quality lyrics and attention to creating full-bodied arrangements.

"Something's Going Down" (Neat, 2001)

"Hold  Your Head Up High" (Out of the Loop, 2001)

"Born Again" (Glasgow Underground, 2001)

"Love Will Be Our Guide" (Blueplate, 2002)
This one-sided single is reminiscent of classic acid jazz, making this their most commercial effort.  But the quality is still there.

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