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  Incredible Fly

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Want The Body


Nobody seems to know anything about the Incredible Fly, but he will forever be remembered for one of the most futuristic funk jams of all time.  "Want The Body" was released in 1979 on the Superfly label out of Chicago.   It was a vocal number, but what was distinctive was the instrumental on the flipside.  Titled "The Incredible Fly's Rap" and stripped of most of its traditional vocals, the track luxuriated in spacey keyboards, making a hypnotic track that rivals some of Bernie Worrell's work of the period.  It was definitely ahead of its time, a precursor to the electro 80s, and a favorite of Afrika Bambaataa.  A lost classic despite being favorably reviewed by Robert "Dean of Rock Critics" Christgau in 1981, it was revived on compilations such as Old School Rarities: Electro Jams, where it now gets the recognition it deserves.  

Incredible Fly's Deepest Grooves

Hay Miss Lady (Superfly, 19??) 

Want The Body/Incredible Fly Rap (Superfly, 1979)

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