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  Herman Kelly 

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Dance To The Drummer's Beat


A one-album wonder from the late 70s, Herman Kelly was a percussionist who may have been forever lost to history if not for a few glorious moments in "Dance To The Drummer's Beat."  The 1978 single, issued on TK subsidiary Alston Records, was picked up by New York's burgeoning hip-hop scene, who gravitated towards the percussion breakdown and made it a staple for many years.  Sampled numerous times throughout the early years of rap records, it was the standout cut on the aptly named Percussion Explosion.  Another notable cut off the album was "Who's The Funky DJ."  Kelly and his band Life faded from the scene despite their newfound notoriety.

Herman Kelly's Deepest Groove

Percussion Explosion (Alston, 1978)

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