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  Gayle Adams 




Gayle Adams was a Prelude diva who frequently worked with the production team of Rodney Brown and Willie Lester.   Her 1980 debut featured the dancefloor cut “Stretchin’ Out” and contributions from the cream of DC-area musicians such as Blackbyrd Kevin Toney.
Her most popular song was the title cut of her sophomore album.  Love Fever was issued on 1982 and also had a cover of “Baby I Need Your Loving.”
When her Prelude contract ended, she signed with Lester / Brown's Mainline label for a single entitled "I'm Warning You" in 1984.

Gayle Adams' Deepest Grooves

Gayle Adams (Prelude, 1980)
The cd version has been retitled Your Love Is A Life Saver.

Love Fever (Prelude, 1982)  

"I'm Warning You" (Mainline, 1984)

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