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  Full Force 

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Alice, I Want You Just For Me

The New York band Full Force was a highly popular writing and production team in the 1980s, crafting hits for Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, James Brown, and Samantha Fox.

A family act comprised of brothers Bowlegged Lou (Lucien George, Jr, vocals), Paul Anthony (Paul Anthony George, vocals), B-Fine (Brian George, drums, programming) and their cousins Shy Shy (Junior Clark, bass), Baby Gerry (Gerry Charles, keyboards) and Curt-T-T (Curt Bedeau, guitar), Full Force’s first hit was the 1984 UTFO classic “Roxanne Roxanne,” a massive rap tune that sparked a series of answer records.

Their next act was Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, a dance group who became synonymous with Full Force. “I Wonder If I Take You Home” was a huge success in the clubs as an indie single before being picked up by Columbia and crashing the top 10 in 1985. As a result of the song’s popularity, Full Force was able to sign with Columbia for their own records.

On their own, “Alice, I Want You Just For Me,” “Unfaithful,” “Temporary Love Thing,” and “All In My Mind” became moderate hits. But they remained more popular behind the scenes, where their work was demanded by artists as varied as actress Jasmine Guy, Latoya Jackson, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, pinup Samantha Fox, Force MDs and James Brown. They produced Brown’s last number one album I’m Real.

They were out of vogue throughout most of the 1990s, but staged an amazing comeback as the team responsible for hits by the Backstreet Boys, Selena, Rihanna and the Black Eyed Peas.

Full Force's Deepest Grooves

Full Force (Columbia, 1985)

Full Force Get Busy 1 Time! (Columbia, 1986)

Guess Who's Comin' to the Crib? (Columbia, 1987)

Smoove (Columbia, 1989)

Don't Sleep (Capitol, 1993)

Sugar On Top (Calibre, 1995)

Still Standing (TVT, 2001)

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