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  Evelyn King








Nicknamed "Champagne" for her upbeat personality, Evelyn King was one of the most popular vocalists of the 70s and 80s, with extensive airplay in clubs and r&b radio.  Her break came while she was assisting her mother at her cleaning job at Sigma Sound Studios.  Producer T Life heard the teenaged King, and before she knew it, King was a recording artist on RCA. 

After rehersals and seasoning, King's album was released to little fanfare until David Todd remixed the single "Shame."  Thanks to the disco mix, "Shame" was one of 1978's top records and is a genuine classic, King's signature song.  At the time, many were surprised by King's mature voice, developed well beyond her years.  "I Don't Know If It's Right" was another single from the album.

T Life continued to produce her, but the hits ran out and he was replaced at the beginning of the 80s.  Kashif became her primary creative partner, and together they hit such peaks as "I'm In Love," "Love Come Down" and "Betcha She Don't Love You," all top 3 hits in 1981 and 1982.  This was her most successful period.  Starting in 1983, she began working with a variety of producers including Leon Sylvers III and Andre Cymone.  There were still popular releases like "Your Personal Touch," but her individuality was becoming secondary to the production. The Flirt LP was a surprise, bringing her back to the charts after a two year absence, but EMI was never able to capitalize on King's talent.  She recorded another album for them, which was never promoted, and began work on a third EMI album when she lost her deal.  She has not recorded since.

Evelyn King's Deepest Grooves

Smooth Talk (RCA, 1978)

Music Box (RCA, 1979)

Call On Me (RCA, 1980)

I'm in Love (RCA, 1981)

Get Loose (RCA, 1982)
"I Betcha She Don't Love You" is one of the lost club classics of the era.

Face to Face (RCA, 1983)

So Romantic (RCA, 1984)

Flirt (EMI, 1988)
One of the bigger surprises of the year was the revival of King's career.  Two top 10 singles in "Kisses Don't Lie" and "Flirt."

Girl Next Door (EMI, 1989)
Collaborations with Ten City couldn't help this LP get any attention.   Hard to understand since she was coming off of a nice comeback record.  With very little promotion, it's no surprise that the album flopped. 

Love Come Down: Best Of (RCA, 1993)

Let's Get Funky (Camden, 1997)
Import best-of with 18 tracks spanning her entire career.

Greatest Hits (RCA, 2001)

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