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  Dynamic Superiors

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Click below for a Dynamic Superiors sample:

Face the Music


The Dynamic Superiors were one of Motown's most unique acts for a couple of reasons: they were from Washington, D.C. instead of Detroit, and their lead singer, Tony Washington, was an unabashed, flaming gay man who occasionally did concerts in drag.  Backing him up were George Spann, Maurice Washington, George Peterbark, and Michael McCalphin.  They were noted for their energetic live performances.

Once signed to Motown, they were immediately assigned to Ashford and Simpson, who wrote and produced the bulk of their early material.  It was a winning combination, as "Shoe Shoe Shine" and "Leave It Alone" both went top 20. They later wrote "Nobody's Gonna Change Me" for the group, where Tony Washington was able to boldly declare his gay pride several years before the high-profile Sylvester broke onto the national scene.  

While their chart singles were usually ballads, they made an impression on the underground circuit through dance cuts.  Starting with "Face the Music" in 1975, the Superiors gradually increased the disco quotient until by the point of Give and Take and Nowhere to Run, they were primarily a dance outfit, getting major play in the clubs.  Their Motown catalog is currently out of print, but their LPs can occasionally be found in second hand shops.

The group recorded material with producer Tony Camillo ("Midnight Train To Georgia," "Dynomite" by Bazuka) in the 1980s that was pressed in very limited quantities, if at all.  These songs are now being issued on compact disc.  

Dynamic Superiors' Deepest Grooves

Dynamic Superiors (Motown, 1974)

Pure Pleasure (Motown, 1975)

You Name It (Motown, 1976)

Give and Take (Motown, 1977)

Nowhere to Run (Motown, 1978)

Magic Wand (Venture, 1980s??)

Sky's The Limit (P-Vine, 2003)
Seems to be a collection of random Camillo cuts from his archives. 

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