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Vikter Duplaix
Deep house heads recognize his voice from collaborations with Masters at Work and Scuba, the outfit he heads alongside King Britt.  Soul trainspotters have seen his name gracing releases from Eric Benet, Erykah Badu, and the Roots.  Indeed, no matter how you slice it, Vikter Duplaix is a talent whose profile as a writer, producer and vocalist is rapidly rising among music connoisseurs

What sets him apart is his versatility.  As previously mentioned, he has worked within a variety of genres, yet manages to stamp his distinctive sound on every project he touches.  That's not surprising because he's a Philly kid, with a keen understanding of his city's strong legacies in soul, dance music and hip hop, all of which find their way into Duplaix's music.

He received a formal introduction into the music business working under the guidance of Kenny Gamble, the godfather of Philly soul.  From there, he put in time with DJ Jazzy Jeff before co-founding the Axis Music Group with James Poyser and Chauncey Childs.  The Axis production company has worked with luminaries Lauryn Hill and Common, becoming a serious force behind Philly's resurgent black music scene.

Having proven his commercial viability with the Axis projects, he's taken to focusing on more experiemental projects under his own name. "Manhood" and "Galaxies" earned instant accolades from the likes of Gilles Peterson and were rightfully chased down by those checking for Duplaix's brand of futuristic soul.   He's recently been tapped by Incognito and Jazzanova for vocal assignments on their next records.  As he continues to develop his own material, there is little doubt that Duplaix will be a fixture on the scene for years to come.

Vikter Duplaix's Deepest Grooves

Messages (MAW, 1999)

Manhood (Groove Attack, 2000)

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