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Whistle Bump







Eumir Deodato has maintained a long and prosperous career as an arranger, performer, and producer.  Born June 21, 1942 in Rio de Janeiro, his transcriptions for local bossa groups brought him to the forefront of the Brazilian scene.  Before long, he was doing arrangements for regional acts and began recording his own titles.  Largely bossa nova-based, the LPs were sufficiently popular to lead to a contract with CTI.

His first CTI album, Prelude, contained a surprise hit in "2001," pushing sales over a million copies.  The formula established by Prelude - solid backbeats, silky keyboard lines, an occasional guitar solo - was one which Deodato would return to over the next few years  He recorded for CTI until 1974, when he switched to MCA.  By now, he was firmly established in the fusion community, and his LPs for MCA were firmly committed to the style.  The sound was slightly tamer than before and featured covers of Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Bob Marley, and TV theme songs, indicating perhaps a desire for mainstream acceptance.   In the late 1970s, Deodato signed with Warner Brothers, his home until the mid 80s.  The Warner Brothers years brought out the most commercial application of his musicianship, as he worked with pop stars such as Earth, Wind and Fire and disco producer Jimmy Simpson.  "Are You For Real," "Whistle Bump," and "SOS" were underground disco hits.

During this period, he was given the task of reviving Kool and the Gang's career, who were having a hard time competing with disco.  His solution was to simplify the band's sound and emphasize vocals, which hit paydirt beginning with "Ladies' Night" in 1979.  He remained behind the boards for their run of pop hits through the 1980s. After that, he did extensive production work for soul acts, including Gwen Guthrie and Juicy ("Sugar Free").    

His latest project is a tribute to Marcos Valle, to be released in summer 2002.

Deodato's Deepest Grooves

Impulso! (Ubatuqui, 1964)

O Som Dos Catedraticos (Ubatuqui, 1964)

Samba Nova Concepcao (Ubatuqui, 1964)

Inutil Paisagem (Polygram, 1964)

Os Catedraticos -- Ataque (Ubatuqui, 1965)

I Deias (Ubatuqui, 1966)

Prelude (CTI, 1972)
One of fusion's unexpected smashes of 1972 holds up well today, thanks to the funky "September 13."

Deodato 2 (CTI, 1973)
The funk keeps coming, this time in the form of "Super Strut" and "Skyscrapers."

Os Catedraticos 73 (Ubatuqui, 1973)
Deodato goes back to his roots for this obscure import release.  Highlights include "Flap," "Soccer Game," and "Puma Branco."

In Concert (CTI, 1974)
Features live performances of some of his popular material.  The most amazing thing about this album is that it sounds exactly like his studio sessions.  

Artistry (MCA, 1974)
Recorded live at the Mississippi River Festival, these airings of "Super Strut" and "Jiving" also remain startlingly true to the originals.

First Cuckoo (MCA, 1975)

Whirlwinds (MCA, 1975)

Very Together (MCA, 1976)

Live In Concert (CTI, 1977)

Love Island (Warner Brothers, 1978)
Special appearances by members of Earth, Wind and Fire and the Crusaders make this a satisfying album.  Oh, and there's also "Whistle Bump."

Knights of Fantasy (Warner Brothers, 1979)
With "special production collaboration" by Jimmy Simpson, this was clearly aimed at the deep disco/jazz-funk crowd.  The opening "Space Dust/Sherlock" has a resemblance to Atmosfear's "Dancing In Outer Space," with a similar pounding bass line.    

Night Cruiser (Warner Brothers, 1980)

Happy Hour (Warner Brothers, 1982)

Deodato (Protone, 1984)

Somewhere Out There (Atlantic, 1989)

Prelude and Rhapsodies (Raven, 2001)
Two-fer set of the first CTI albums.

Eumir Deodato Plays Marcos Valle (Irma, 2002)

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