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  Davis Import 

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I'm Glad You're Mine


Davis Import was a family group with strong connections to the music industry but could not parlay them into a successful career.

Doug, Cameron, Bruce, and Glen Davis were the sons of George Davis, who administered his brother Carl's publishing company. Fans of Chicago soul will recognize Carl Davis as one of the city's most important producers during the 1960s and 70s thanks to his work on the Okeh, Brunswick, and Chi-Sound labels. 

The brothers were signed to AVI Records in 1977 and promptly released the "Starchild" single.  This mellow groove should have been a national hit, but it was not promoted outside of Chicago and failed to have a major impact on the charts.

Part of the problem was that AVI was primarily a disco label that catered to studio producers like Ian Levine and Rinder & Lewis and Davis Import was a more traditional soul group who produced their own material. To their credit, they followed up "Starchild" with  "I'm Glad You're Mine," a minor club classic that the label promoted more effectively. 

Davis Import recorded some fine disco-soul material for the next two years, but without adequate support from the label, success was out of reach.  After the failure of "You're The One," they broke up without cutting a full-length album and established careers outside of the music business.  

Davis Import's Deepest Grooves

"Starchild" / "I'm Glad You're Mine" (AVI, 1978)

"DJ Devilish"/ "How My Love Goes" (AVI, 1979)

"You're The One"/ "Fate" (AVI, 1980) 

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