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Click below for a D-Train sample:

Tryin' To Get Over

Often assumed to be a single person, D-Train was originally a collaborative effort between James "D-Train" Williams and keyboardist/producer Hubert Eaves III.  Among artists on independent labels, this Brooklyn-based duo was the commercial pinnacle of post-disco dancefloor soul, notching four top 20 singles in 1982 and 1983 for Prelude Records.

Williams and Eaves met while in high school and began performing locally under Williams' football nickname "D-Train."  Prelude, then New York's dominant dance label, signed them and paired them up with Francois Kevorkian, the legendary mixer.  Success followed immediately, as "You're The One For Me" and "Keep On" made D-Train a household name.  The records not only dominated clubs, but their melodic, r&b-influenced sound was also warmly received by radio, making them Prelude's biggest act seemingly overnight. 

The classics kept coming with "Music," "Keep Giving Me Love" and "Something's On Your Mind" in 1983, firmly establishing D-Train as a major act.

They remained on Prelude until 1985 before Williams left to begin his solo career. On Columbia, he recorded the popular "Misunderstanding" and "In Your Eyes."  Eaves worked occasionally as his producer. 

Today, D-Train's importance is recognized as their music is frequently aired on old school r&b stations and rifled through for samples.  Williams recently surfaced as a guest vocalist on Bob Sinclar's recent single "Darlin'."

D-Train's Deepest Grooves

You're the One for Me (Prelude, 1982)
Achieved instant classic status and might be Prelude's strongest album project.  "D-Train's Theme" and "Walk On By" are as well-known as the chart hits, and their ability to put a soulful face on what was assumed to be a mechanical form of music makes this a continued source of inspiration for today's producers.

Music (Prelude, 1983)

Something's on Your Mind (Prelude, 1984)

Greatest Hits (Unidisc, 1990)

The Best of the 12" Mixes(Unidisc, 1992)

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