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  Circle City Band 

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Fondly remembered by roller skaters and early fans of BET, “Magic” by the Circle City Band was one of the most devastating funk grooves of the early 1980s.   The tune came about as the result of Paul Thomas, an experienced writer and musician from  Indianapolis who took advantage of a gospel label’s expansion into r&b to record several singles as the Circle City Band.


“Magic” was first issued on Circle City Records, but upon picking up steam from extensive regional play, it was picked up by Becket Records.  Its popularity was validated when an upstart BET selected it as its theme song.  The song’s popularity led to a couple more releases before Williams linked up with Felton Pilate for studio work.

Circle City Band's Deepest Grooves

Magic (12")  (Circle City Records, 1983)

My Place (12") (Becket, 1984)

Party Lights (12")  (Circle City Records, 1985)

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