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  Chocolate Milk


Click below for a Chocolate Milk sample:

Girl Callin'



Hailing from the Big Easy, Chocolate Milk represented a dimension of New Orleans funk that was more embellished than the Meters, yet downright filthy in their finest moments.

Originally formed in Memphis in 1974, the band quickly worked itself into the good graces of legendary producer Allen Touissant shortly after relocating to New Orleans.   They performed as the house band at Touissant's studio before signing a record deal with RCA in 1975.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words was the first of eight LPs the band would record for RCA.  The title cut soared into the top 15 in mid-1975 and is an acknowledged funk classic. It appeared that Chocolate Milk would find the commercial success that eluded their bretheren the Meters, but "Action" was in many ways the high point of their career. 

A fluctuating lineup made it difficult for the band to maintain its consistency, and   their LPs became increasingly hit-or-miss affairs.  They delivered throbbing jams like "Grand Theft" (1977), "Girl Callin'" (1978) and "Say Won'tcha" (1979), but their affiliation with Touissant began to create conflict as he had difficulty keeping their sound fresh. 

Things finally came to a head in 1980 when Chocolate Milk ended its relationship with Touissant for Hipnotism. "Hey Lover" stratched the top 40, but, unsatisfied, they reached out to Allen A. Jones, best known for his work with the Bar-Kays. Blue Jeans was the band's biggest hit in years, with both the title cut and "Let's Go All The Way" getting significant chart action. 

Chocolate Milk broke up in 1983, after the Friction album. A resurgence of interest in the band has resulted in several compilations being issued in the last five years.  The group's leader, Amadee Castenell, maintains a successful career as a jazz saxophonist. 

You can visit Amadee Castenell's site here.

Chocolate Milk's Deepest Grooves

Action Speaks Louder Than Words (RCA, 1975)
The first album showcases Chocolate Milk at its rawest. You already know about the title cut, but also check for "Time Machine" and "Pretty Pimpin' Willie."

Chocolate Milk (RCA, 1976)

We're All In This Together (RCA, 1977) 

Comin' (RCA, 1977)

Milky Way (RCA, 1979)

Hipnotism (RCA, 1980)

Blue Jeans (RCA, 1982)
Very much in the vein of the Bar-Kays, but worth hearing for "Blue Jeans." "Let's Go All the Way" is a smooth dancefloor jam similiar to Solar product of the period.

Friction (RCA, 1983)

Amadee - Amadee Castenell (NYNO, 1996)

Ice Cold Funk: The Greatest Grooves of Chocolate Milk(Razor & Tie, 1998)
Upfront collection of the band's biggest hits, presented in chronological order. Be warned that there's not a lot of material from the first LP, but all the radio jams are here.

Sax Dreams - Amadee Castenell (NYNO, 1999)

In Funk We Trust:Best of Chocolate  (World Wyde, 2000)

Best of (BMG, 2002)
Import collection goes a little deeper with the addition of "Ain't Nothing But A Thing," "Honey Bun" and "Pretty Pimpin' Willie," but still no "Time Machine." We still await a definitive Chocolate Milk compilation.

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