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Click below for a Cerrone sample:

Love In C Minor

With over 25 million in record sales to his credit, Cerrone ranks as one of the most successful disco producers of all time.  Along with Giorgio Moroder, the Frenchman was a pioneer of the Eurodisco sound whose legacy can easily be heard in today's dance music.  But whereas Moroder's style was lighter and more synth-driven, Cerrone put more soul into his projects, working with vocalists like Jocelyn Brown and crafting a funkier sound that has made him a perennial favorite of contemporary dance producers.

The difference in rhythmic approach is likely due to Cerrone's background as a drummer.  Born in 1952, Jean-Marc Cerrone took up drum lessons as a child and eventually landed a gig leading an orchestra in Paris.  With disco setting the world ablaze, Cerrone left the orchestra and formed the Malligator label, distributed outside France by Atlantic.

His 1976 debut, "Love in C Minor," was one of the first epic disco tracks, clocking in at 16 minutes and taking up the first side of the album of the same name.  An edited version broke the top 30 in early 1977.  The follow up album, Cerrone's Paradise, continued on the theme of C Minor, namely sexual fantasy.

For 1978's Supernature, Cerrone decided on a concept centered on the relationship between humanity and technology, sort of a sci-fi disco opera.  The title song is probably Cerrone's most requested number and the album was extremely well-received, garnering five Billboard disco awards.  Around this time, he branched out into outside production for Don Ray ("Walking in the Rain") and Kongas ("Africanism"), making 1978-79 his most dominant period.

Thanks to the club classics "Je Suis Music" and "Rocket in the Pocket," Cerrone's popularity never faltered during the disco backlash of the early 1980s.  Several compilations of his work have been issued and remix projects involving the likes of Frankie Knuckles and Bob Sinclar ensure that Cerrone's legacy lives on.

Cerrone's Deepest Grooves

Love in C Minor (Cotillion, 1976)

Cerrone's Paradise (Cotillion, 1977)

III (Supernature) (Cotillion, 1978)

IV: Golden Touch (Cotillion, 1979)

VII (You Are the One) (Cotillion, 1980)

Best Of (Hot, 1990s)

Cerrone by Bob Sinclair (Universal, 2001)
The latest remix extravaganza to celebrate his catalog, this time fellow Frenchman Bob Sinclar pieces together new versions of Cerrone's classics as remixed by Johnny D, Modjo, and others.

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