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  Brides of Funkenstein 

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War Ship Touchante


So-called "bad girls" compared to the high-class concept Parlet, the Brides of Funkenstein were George Clinton's other attempt to establish an empire of girl groups. Lynn Mabry and Dawn Silva had first met while touring with Sly Stone, and it was while touring with Parliament-Funkadelic that George Clinton first approached the duo. Once Sly subsequently dropped off the tour circuit, they began working on the in-progress Eddie Hazel album Games Dames and Guitar Thangs. Their vocals would grace his version of "I Want You," and from that point on they were considered essential ingredients in the P-Funk sonic stew. From 1977 through the dissolution of P-Funk, their vocals could be heard in the background of nearly every track. 

Along the way, in 1978, they learned from Clinton that they had been newly christened the Brides of Funkenstein and were recording for Atlantic Records. Apparently asking the Brides' opinion as a mere courtesy, Clinton simply had them sing over instrumentals already in the can. 

But rather than come off as a throwaway project, as is the case with many spinoff acts, the Brides were given quality material. Funk Or Walk, the 1978 debut, featured arrangements from Bernie Worrell and Fred Wesley, and tunes written by Clinton, Bootsy, and Ron Dunbar. The first single "Disco To Go" was written around the closing interlude of Bootsy's live show and reportedly up for inclusion on his second album (the riff would famously be used by the Gap Band on "Ooops Upside Your Head"). With audiences thrilled by their great live performances, which included a coterie of Bridesmaids (Jeanette McGruder and Sheila Horne), the Brides built up a nice little following, more than enough to justify further recordings. 

1979's Don't Buy Texas From A Cowboy continued in this strong vein, with a little more experimentation allowed in the mix. It was fairly clear that Clinton had invested more into the Brides than Parlet, giving them featured slots on tours and such. But sadly Mabry had had enough funk for the time being, and Horne and McGruder were elevated into the main group. By the time sessions for a third album were started, the entire P-Funk organization was starting to suffer, leaving little time for side projects. While the aborted third album has yet to surface in its entirety, numerous outtakes have appeared on the George Clinton Family Series, and they finally got around to issuing a live album in the mid 90s.

Brides of Funkenstein's Deepest Grooves

Funk Or Walk (Atlantic, 1978) 

Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy (Atlantic, 1979)

:Live At The Howard Theater (AEM, 1994)
Hot set with their blistering versions of Parliament's "Together" and Bootsy's "Vanish In Our Sleep." Includes a bit from official P-Funk comedian James Wesley Jackson.  

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