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  Bobby Lyle 

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The Genie


Bobby Lyle is a jazz keyboardist who has been recording since the 1970s.  The Minneapolis native received his introduction to the national scene via work with Young-Holt Unlimited and he soon graduated to touring engagements with Sly and the Family Stone and Ronnie Laws in addition to performing on numerous studio dates for the likes of George Benson, Gabor Szabo, and Gary Wright.

By 1977 his talent had been recognized by ex-Crusader Wayne Henderson, who arranged a contract for Lyle at Capitol.  His three albums for the label displayed his skills to great effect and include the funky fusion standards “Magic Ride,” “The Genie” and “Night Breeze.”
Capitol stopped recording jazz in the early 1980s, and Lyle returned to touring as the musical director for Al Jarreau, Bette Midler, Anita Baker, and George Benson.  His work on Midler’s 1997 HBO special earned him an Emmy nomination.  
He also resumed his solo career in the late 1980s, when he signed with Atlantic for a number of successful albums that continued his tradition of combining traditional and crossover jazz.
Bobby Lyle's Deepest Grooves

Bobby Lyle Plays The GX1 (CBS Japan, 1974)

The Genie (Capitol, 1977)

New Warrior (Capitol, 1978)

Night Fire (Capitol, 1979)

Night Breeze (Evidence, 1985)

Ivory Dreams (Atlantic, 1989)

In Process (Ken 1990)

The Journey (Atlantic 1990) 
Pianomagic (Atlantic, 1991)

Secret Island (Atlantic, 1992)

Rhythm Stories (Atlantic, 1994)

Power of Touch (Atlantic, 1997)

Joyful (Atlantic, 2002)

Straight & Smooth (Atlantic, 2004)
Ambitious set of One disc smooth jazz, one disc acoustic trio jazz.

Hands On (Heads Up, 2006)     

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