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  Bill Wolfer 

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Call Me


Bill Wolfer was an unlikely soul star.  Born in Wyoming, the keyboardist proved himself with appearances on Stevie Wonder’s Hotter Than July and Thriller, where he played the introduction to “Billie Jean.”
Wolfer parlayed these credentials and a demo tape into a deal with Constellation Records, Dick Griffey’s companion label to Solar. The resulting album, Wolf, included contributions from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Finis Henderson, and Jon Gibson, and became one of the more industry-respected soul records of the 1980s.  Its genre-jumping electicism garned comparisons to Quincy Jones, so it was surprising that sales were disappointing.  The album’s most popular cuts were the Henderson-voiced “Call Me” and a electro version of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.”  

He stayed busy working on new age, soul and Christian music projects and now records Cuban jazz with his group Mamborama. 

Bill Wolfer's Deepest Groove

Wolf (Constellation, 1983)
This album was reissued as Call Me: The Best of Bill Wolfer in 2002.   

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