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  Alex Attias



Click below for an Alex Attias sample:

Forever (with Dego as Plutonia)


Is he the real Swiss Beats?  Alex Attias has come from the unlikely locale of Laussanne, Switzerland to craft some of the tastiest nu jazz platters on the planet, establishing himself as a tastemaker on parallel with any of the West London crew.

Like many DJ/producers, Attias grew up on hip hop in the 80s, using his interest as a springboard to developing his own compositions.   He eventually formed a partnership with Rollercone and had a track featured on one of the early Source Lab compilations.

Today his productions have varied from drum and bass-influenced tones to proto house vibes, all infused with a jazzy sensibility.  As a hired gun, he's compiled records for X:Treme and Irma Records.  He's taken the experiences from those projects to found his Visions label.

Attias records solo projects under his given name, Catalyst and Mustang.   His collaborations include Beatless (with Paul Martin), Plutonia (with Dego), and River Plate (with his brother Stephane Attias).  A Beatless LP is scheduled for a fall 2001 release.

Alex Attias' Deepest Grooves

"We Who Are Not As Others" remix - 4 Hero (Talkin' Loud, 1999)

Hi-Fi Jazz (Xtreme, 1999)
Really put himself on the map with this expertly mixed comp.  His personal contribution is "Solange." Full review on the reviews page. 

Alex Attias Presents Quiet Moments (Irma, 2000)
Spacy fusion classics provide the blueprint for much of Attias' style.

"Forever" (Aware, 2001)
Recorded with Dego from 4 Hero, this is soulful vocal nu jazz at its finest, with a hint of drum and bass. 

"Waltz For Little Eva" - Alex Attias & Jessica Lauren (Visions, 2001)

Life Mirrors - Beatless (Ubiquity, 2001)
This much-anticipated album largely lives up to the hype surrounding its release.  Solid production from Martin and Attias that ranges from clubby to downtempo with a strong nod to soul legends like Curtis Mayfied throughout the set.   Features star turns from Quasimodo and Nathan Haines, but it is the vision of Beatless guides this journey.  A strong statement as well from Ubiquity, whom seem well on their way towards assembling a great roster of new talent.

"Higher" - Big Bang (Arision, 2002)

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