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  Arnold Jarvis

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Take Some Time Out



One of the premier voices in house music, Arnold Jarvis' baritone is immediately recognizable on classics such as "Inspiration," "Life Goes On," and "Spread Love."  Like many singers, Jarvis received his initial exposure to music via gospel, which he performed as a teenager.  His secular career began in 1987, when he recorded "Take Some Time Out" for the legendary Fourth Floor label.  The enormous response to the record on the underground circuit made Jarvis an instant star, and he has maintained that status up to the present day.

In addition to the soulful and inspirational nature of his lyrics, Jarvis' records are distinguished by high production qualities. To date, he has collaborated with some of house music's most respected producers, including Kerri Chandler, Benji Candelario, Frankie Knuckles and Little Louie Vega. 

Arnold Jarvis' Deepest Grooves

"Take Some Time Out" (Fourth Floor, 1987)

"And I Loved You" - with Satoshi Tomiie (FFRR, 1990)   

"I Want To Have Your Love" (New Music, 1990)

"Borrowed Love" (Atlantic, 1991) 

"Rain" - Oscar Poche (Strictly Rhythm, 1994)  

"Inspiration" - Kerri Chandler and Arnold Jarvis (Freetown, 1994)

"Color of My Skin" - Swing 52 (Cutting, 1994)

"The Joy You Bring" - Swing 52 (Cutting, 1996)

"You're the Best" - Arnold Jarvis & Fonda Rae (Freetown, 1998) 

"Spread Love" - Benji Candelario & Arnold Jarvis (Music For Life, 2000)  

":Learn to Give" - Eric Kupper & Arnold Jarvis (Hysteria, 2000)

"Life Goes On" - Little Louie Vega and Arnold Jarvis (MAW, 2000)

"Special Kind of Love" (King Street, 2001)

"What Goes Around" (Transport, 2001)

The Collection (Music For A Lifetime, 2002)
A necessary addition to any dance music library, this is the first comprehensive account of his career.  Includes the new cuts "Rising Into Joy" and "What Goes Around."

"Where Has Love Gone" (KIFSA, 2002)

"Rising Into Joy" (Black Vinyl, 2002)

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