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Click below for an Antibalas sample:

Dirt and Blood

The leaders of the modern afrobeat movement, Antibalas has been deeply influenced not only by Fela Kuti's music but also his politics, embracing topics like militarism and globalization in its music.  The group is led by saxophonist and chief writer Martin Antibalas.  They were formed by fusing two bands that recorded on the retro funk label Desco, Daktaris and Soul Providers.  With a comittment to raising consciousness, Antibalas embarked on a furious touring and recording schedule that allowed them to raise their profile, landing spots on the Oulele and Racubah compilations.  Years of buzz led to Ninja Tune picking up their album for international release in 2001. 

Antibalas' Deepest Grooves

Liberation Afrobeat Volume 1 (Afrosound, 2000)
So full of Fela-esque fury that you'd expect this to be a prime 1975 Afrika 70 session.  That is how much these guys have been able to emulate Kuti, sonically (this had to have been recorded on old equipment) and muscially.  Songs like "Uprising" and "Dirt and Blood" update Afrobeat for the 21st century, with a Latin twist.  The Kuti connection is sealed through the recordings with former drummer Jojo Quo. 

Talkatif (Ninja Tune, 2002)
More Fela flavor for the dancefloor and lounge.  With an unwavering devotion to afrobeat, you can't expect much deviation from their established sound, but when it's this good, it's hard to complain.

Who Is This America? (Ropeadope, 2004)
Their hardest-hitting work to date, with the explosive title track critiquing post-911 America, the self-explanatory "Pay Back Africa" and the 19 minute apology to women everywhere, "Sister."

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