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  Andrea True Connection

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Andrea True’s career trajectory from a porn star to disco legend seemed impossible to duplicate until the rise of reality tv “celebrities” like New York and Karine Steffans. 

Born in Nashville, True attended exclusive private schools with a goal of becoming an actress.  Upon graduation, she moved to NYC to pursue her dream, but that big break never materialized and by the early 1970s she was on her way to becoming one of the earliest stars of adult films. Among the dozens of movies she appeared in are Meatball, The Seduction Of Lynn CarterMadame Zenobia and Ilusions of a Lady.

Her musical career started by accident.  In the midst of filming a commercial in Jamaica, political upheaval forced her to stay in the country.  While waiting for the opportunity to leave, she called Gregg Diamond and suggested they write a song.  The producer showed up with the music for “More More More,” True added lyrics, and they hired local musicians to cut the track.

The finished single was remixed by disco don Tom Moulton, and to everyone’s surprise the newly formed Andrea True Connection found itself with one of the definitive disco anthems and a platinum album. 

True and Diamond tried to duplicate the formula with 1977’s White Witch. Although “NY You Got Me Dancing” and “What’s Your Name, What’s Your Number” found favor in discos, the crossover success would be elusive.  The extreme artistic U-turn of the rock-dominated War Machine (1980) was her final album.

Andrea True Connection's Deepest Grooves

More, More, More (Buddah, 1976)

White Witch (Buddah, 1977)

War Machine (Buddah, 1980)
More, More, More: The Best of the Andrea True Connection (Collectables, 2006)

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