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Pranian Man (as Prana People)








Aleem came to prominence at the tail end of the disco era with a string of club classics that included "Hooked On Your Love," "Love's On Fire," and "Release Yourself." The group consisted of twins Taharqa and Tunde-Ra Aleem with vocals by Leroy Burgess.  The Aleem brothers had been involved with music for nearly a decade before coming to prominence, having lived and played with Jimi Hendrix towards the latter part of his life as the Ghetto Fighters. They can be seen on various documentaries about Hendrix, and heard in the background on 1970's "Freedom." They continued to work on the Ghetto Fighters project up until 1972. 

In the middle of the decade, they formed a group called the Prana People, and managed to record an album that was distributed on Pretty Pearl/Prelude, a label owned by basketball legend Earl "the Pearl" Monroe. 

They formed the Nia (Swahili for "purpose") label in 1979 and hit immediately with "Hooked On Your Love." It was followed by "Summertime" and "Movin' To The Beat." It must also be mentioned that they were one of the first artists to recognize the potential of remixes, as many of their records were remixed several times, which was unheard of at the time.  

By the mid 80s, the label had expanded towards the prevalent electro and hip-hop sounds by artists like Captain Rock, Marley Marl, and Sparky D.  In turn, their music reflected this shift on "Get Loose" and "Confusion," which continued their popularity in clubs and made the r&b charts. They were able to parlay their success into a major label deal with Atlantic, where they issued two albums featuring songs like "Fine Young Tender" and "Love's On Fire."  

Both Burgess and the Aleems continue recording today.  

Aleem's Deepest Grooves

"Ostrich" (Spring, 1974) - credited as US

Prana People (Prelude, 1977)

"Hooked On Your Love" (Nia, 1979)

"Summertime" (Nia, 1980) - credited as High Frequency

"Shake" (Nia, 1980) - credited as Alias

"Movin' To The Beat" (Nia, 1981)

"Get Down Friday Night" (Nia, 1982)

"Get Loose" (Nia, 1984)

"Release Yourself" (Nia, 1984)

"Confusion" (Nia, 1985)

Casually Formal (Atlantic, 1986)

Shock! (Atlantic, 1987)

Release Yourself: The Nia Sessions (Tuff City, 2004)


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