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  Todd Terry

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A Day in the Life

Todd Terry was the creator of some of the hardest, funkiest house tracks of the 1980s and early 1990s.  Originally a frustrated hip-hop producer, he got into house largely as a lark, to demonstrate the simplicity of making house records.  But instead of making a parody of the style, he injected a street attitude into house with his hard drum programming.  The results, "A Day In the Life," "Can You Party,"   and "The Morning After" became hugely popular and influential in both the house and burgeoning rave scenes.

He continued working in his distinctive style, earning respect as an innovator who brought the music to a higher profile.  Along the way, he set up Freeze Records and loaned out his name Masters At Work to Little Louie Vega and Kenny Gonzalez, who went on to worldwide fame. He also caught flack for his casual approach to sampling.  In his remixes and original productions, he'd liberally sample and chop up work from other artists, some of them already established and upset at what they considered thievery.  Terry's response to them was, basically, "You'll spend more money on lawyer fees suing me that you'll ever collect in royalties," and to date I don't think he's been sued.

Terry shocked a lot of people with his smooth vocal mix of Everything But The Girl's "Missing."  One of the crucial jams of the 90s, it gave birth to EBTG as a dance-pop act and marked his arrival as a mature producer.

He later worked with an all-star lineup on his LP Ready For A New Day, where he recut "Keep On Jumpin'" with Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown. Resolutions saw him exploring drum and bass.

Todd Terry's Deepest Grooves

Freeze Club Mixer Volumes 1 - 5 (Freeze, 1990s)
Although mixed by different people, they all feature a healthy portion of his work under a number of different names.

Gypsyland (Freeze, 1994)
Cut under his House of Gypsies alias, this has "Samba" and "Sume Sigh Say," very strong tribal jams. 

Todd, Louie & Kenny (Strictly Rhythm, 1994)
Rare LP celebrating the relationship between Terry and Masters at Work.

Todd Terry At Hard Times (Hard Times, 1996)
A double cd of Terry throwing down the jams at an European club.   You will be dancing from beginning to end.

Ready For A New Day (Logic, 1997)
His long awaited proper debut with Shannon, Jocelyn Brown, Martha Wash and others providing vocals.  Several big hits here including "Something Going On."

Resolutions (Astralwerks, 1999)
A bold move on his part, this was a generally well-received foray into drum and bass.

The House Music Movement (Master Tones, 1999)

Greatest Hits (Warlock, 2000)
Good collection of his early work. 

"Barbarabatiri" (Sound Design, 2001)

"No More Tears" (Sound Design, 2001)

"Da Bango" - Gypsymen (Loudhouse, 2002)

"To Donna" (Loudhouse, 2002)

"Set You Free" (Loudhouse, 2002)

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