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The Deep Dozen: Week of September 11, 2006
(Posted September 11, 2006)

Stevie Wonder - A Time To Love (Motown, 2005)
With it being 9/11 and all, we should take this plea for unity and love to heart.  Title song from his last album and a duet with India Arie. 

Coati Mundi - Me No Pap I (Ze, 1981)
Dr. Savannah/Kid Creole percussionist Andy Hernandez steps out with this campy latin disco classic served up as only Ze could. 

MC5 - Kick Out the Jams (Elektra, 1969) and Stooges - Search and Destroy (Columbia, 1973)
Watch out now, I'm getting a Detroit punk flashback!

Yam Who f/Noel McKoy - Summertime (Papa, 2006)
Yeah the season is over but I'm celebrating the return of Noel McKoy.  Haven't heard him in ages.

Machine - Power and Reason (Mr. Exx-On 52nd Street) 
With gas prices being the way they are, this song is totally on point.

DJ Spinna - We Can Change The World (Papa, 2006)
From the Intergalactic Soul album, this anthem has been getting played for months and features Heavy, who are from New York if I'm not mistaken. .  

RH Factor - Kansas City Funk (Verve, 2006)
This record didn't get the praise that the first Factor project did, but it's just as good.  KC Funk is my jam, even if it's under 3 minutes.

Kimiko Kasai - Tell Me A Bedtime Story (Sony, 1979)
Japanese jazz diva does the Herbie standard and gets an assist from the man himself on keys!  Slept on rare groove.

Marc Mac - It's Right to Be Civil (tape, 2006)
Sound collage that is an emotional retelling of the civil rights movement Available as a download from the 4 Hero site, this should be coming out on wax/cd soon. Stay tuned for details. 

Yung Joc - I Know You See It (Bad Boy, 2006)
Official guilty pleasure of the week.  Heard this at several sport events and damn if that monotone doesn't turn seductive after a while. Is he the new Guru?

Bohannon - Stop and Go (Brunswick, 1973)
His first single, and since he never changed his style, a landmark tune! 

Outkast - Church (Laface, 2003) 
Seeing Idlewild threw me for a loop. Not only was it better than I was expecting, most of the music is from the last album.  My new theory is that they are NOT breaking up, they busted they ass from 1998-2003 to complete Speakerboxx/Love Below, Idlewild and its soundtrack.  They knew they wanted to branch off into different things.  Anyhow, show some love to one of my favorite Big Boi tracks. 


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