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The Deep Dozen: Week of March 14, 2005
(Posted March 14, 2005)

Jeremy Ellis - Take Your Time (Ubiquity, 2005)
This cut was previewed on Gilles Peterson's Worldwide program on the BBC months ago.  It's finally out for the masses, and well worth the wait.  Perhaps the best cut on the heavily anticipated Lotus Blooms album.  Full review forthcoming. .

Platypus - Love The Way You Funk (Casablanca, 1979)
I still don't know much about Platypus, but "Love The Way You Funk" is a nice representation of all the reigning funk styles of the late 70s: P-Funk, Slave and Rick James. 

Intuit - Planet Birth (Compost, 2004)
The great Andy Bey sings vocals on this gem from the underrated Intuit album. The man hasn't lost a bit.  

Roots - Din Daa Daa (Geffen, 2004)
After many years of teasing us with their concerts, the Roots finally record an instrumental that allows the band to shine.  And better yet, it's an update on the classic George Krantz b-boy classic. Questlove does a great job building the tension with his drumming, and when the chorus comes in, it's game over.

Fat Joe - Fuck 50 (mixtape, 2005)
Now that the Game's beef with 50 Cent is over, we can sit back and enjoy as other rappers take 50 to task.  While Joe's Hot 97 interview covered the same territory as this cut, it's still hilarious to hear 50 get clowned on this badly - depending on your feelings about Mr. G-Unit.   

Tala-Am - Mo Kwa Yie Mou (Luaka Bop, 2005)
From the great World Psychedelic Classics volume 3 collection.  Kinda like a trippy combination of jazz-funk, James Brown and Fela. 

Dee Dee Bridgewater - Sweet Rain (Elektra, 1978)
Off the massive Just Family album.

Prince - We Can Work It Out (unreleased, 1977)
A lil' birdie let me hear this. An energetic funk number that shows his style was pretty much developed from the outset.  However, the ending, where Prince gives a shout-out to Warner Brothers, is laughable considering how that relationship ended.  

Spinners - Games People Play (Atlantic, 1975)
For smooth Philly soul, it gets no better than the Spinners. A sublime performance by all involved. .   

Janeiro Jarel - Big Bounce Theory (Kindred Spirits, 2005)
An amazing slice of future funk from the Brooklyn-based Jarel.  Yet the record isn't available in the United States!  Just goes to show how little soul is respected in America.    

Seawind Project - Free (Knee Deep, 2005)
A cover of one of the all-time favorite tunes that my boy DJ Art hipped me to.   Vocalist Emily McEwen does a good job replicating the flavor Pauline Wilson brought to the original. 

Sister Sledge - We Are Family (Daz-I-Kue remix) (Atlantic, 2005)
Taken from the upcoming remix project Atlantiquity, the Bugz In The Attic member manages to create a broken beat monster out of this all-time disco classic.  Extra props for maintaining the spirit (and most of the tracks) of the original version. 

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