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The Deep Dozen: Week of April 28, 2003
(Posted April 28, 2003)

Symba - Hold On (Venture, 1980)
Symba was a group out of Washington, DC that was fronted by lead vocalists Cheryl Hawkin and Gerald Hollan. "Hold On" is midtempo disco, but the vocal in steeped in the tradition of classic soul.  A killer hook, too.   

Mike and Bill - Somebody's Gotta Go (Sho Ain't Me) (Arista, 1975)
Deep deep early disco from the obscure combo of Mike Felder (guitar) and Bill Daniels (piano).  What makes this cut so interesting is the discernable reggae influence in the vocal arrangements. Don't tell me they weren't listening to groups like the Heptones when they cut this. 

Ohio Players - Boardwalkin' (Boardwalk, 1981)
Only hardcore OP fans are even aware of Tenderness album this comes from, but sandwiched between the Otis Redding covers that bookend the disc is this nasty funk-rocker, a brief return to the glory days.  Former member Junie Morrison isn't credited on this record, but I'm almost positive that he had a hand in this track, as it is very reminiscent of his work of the time.  

Maddslinky - Make Your Peace (Sirkus, 2003)
Maddslinky is Dave Jones, who as part of Phuturistix, was featured last week with "Feel It Out."  This is the title cut from his solo debut, a full review is forthcoming.

Public Enemy - Son Of A Bush (Koch, 2002)
With so many people bemoaning the lack of socially conscious rap, it's a shame that the undisputed masters of that style, Public Enemy, received very little attention for Revolverlution. But this cut demands your attention, as Chuck D breaks GW Bush off a little something with this searing attack.  Soon to be issued as a single. 

Shorty Long - Function At The Junction (Soul, 1966)
Taking you waay back with this.  Shorty Long was one of Motown's most promising artists, with a style that was tougher than most of his peers.  Unfortunately, he drowned in 1969.  A reminder of how the good old days were.

Roy Hargrove - Pastor T (Verve, 2003)
All the hype is on the "Poetry" joint featuring Erykah Badu and Q-Tip, but I'm giving the nod to this slamming jazz/soul/hip-hop jam.  But since I love y'all so much, here's a taste of "Poetry" so you can hear it for yourself. 

Nina Simone - Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter (RCA, 1974)
In memory of the recently departed High Priestess of Soul, this is one of her funkiest numbers ever. 

Pharrell featuring Jay-Z - Frontin' (unknown, 2003)
Is Pharrell planning to break away from the Neptunes?  Seems like he's stepping more and more into the spotlight.  Here he is doing another Curtis Mayfield impersonation while Jay-Z kicks a verse for good measure. Taken from a Kay Slay mixtape. Sorry for his constant interruptions. Don't know if this will actually get released. 

Foxy Brown - C'mon Yeah (unknown, 2003)
Not the biggest Foxy fan, I gained a new appreciation of her during her interview with Wendy Williams.  Girl is going through serious drama, including not being able to release her completed album because of conflict between Foxy, Puffy Combs and Lyor Cohen.   For what it's worth, Foxy is bringing a little Big Daddy Kane flow to this song.

Truby Trio - Universal Love (Compost, 2003)
Very nice interpolation of LTD's "Love to the World" from the highly anticipated Truby Trio album. 

Carlos Garnett - Mystery Of Ages (Muse, 1976)
Saxophonist Garnett is remembered mostly for 1974's "Taurus Woman." This cut followed a few years later and is a strident soul-jazz masterpiece.

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